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Earning Top Google and Bing Rankings for Serious Medium & Small Businesses -- Using a Proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant

Here's how I can help your business dramatically gain traffic and sales:

  • Documentable 1st page SEO Google results for tough industries | keywords. (The reason this is KEY -- 90% of clicks are from page 1 of the search engines result pages AND Google is about 80% of that market, SO if you aren't found on page 1 of Google for the right "transactional phrases", you won't get business from Internet search.)
  • I help determine the right "transactional keyword search phrases" for your business to target.
  • Better use of Technology & Low Overhead -- Small business marketing | SEO plans that *really work* start at $675.00 monthly -- No Contract Required. The important part is the "really work" part. Overseas services that focus only on cost and utilize techniques that haven't worked in years isn't saved money. It's wasted money if the service doesn't help your business be found in Google.

    Cost-effective custom Internet Marketing | SEO solutions are also available for both medium and small businesses.
  • I offer Copywriting | Conversion Optimization (full service OR just editing), so the pages convert, leading to direct sales, sales lead forms, emails and phone calls. I am certified in Landing Page Optimization by industry leader Marketing Experiments. It's one thing to get the traffic ... but it only counts if it converts.

What you can do now --

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By investing the next few minutes, you'll learn WHAT SEO techniques must be implemented to rank highly in Google and Bing.

Just scroll down to continue reading and you'll better understand the work that needs to be performed.

Be sure and examine the image below, showing what aspects SEO must deal with to be successful, since these are points you'll want to discuss with me (or any other SEO Consultant).

Website traffic FREE of direct per-visitor costs (no pay per click). Exposure of your business, where people are searching -- on the 1st. page of Google | Bing (or high on the 2nd. page). LOTS of clicks to your website. Qualified traffic.

You can learn more about Search Engine Optimization on Wikipedia.

A cost that is often primarily one-time, for traffic to your website 365 days every year, that goes on for years! This is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Every successful business owner wants it.

So, how can you be successful when others aren't and how can you beat out your competitors?

The image below is a recent biennial survey of Top SEO Professionals, conducted by SEOmoz, the leading SEO software developer in the World. In the past, SEOmoz was also an SEO Consulting Firm. They began designing SEO software for their own use, with clients. They know SEO!

Please examine the pie chart, then I'll explain below why it's on this page and how it can help influence your decision about hiring an SEO Consultant.

SEOmoz Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors


Here are 4 important considerations when hiring and using an SEO Consultant to successfully obtain solid Google | Bing results for your business:

1. When choosing an SEO Consultant, be prepared to discuss the different aspects in the above image and how those requirements to rank in Google and Bing are going to be handled on your website by your SEO Team.

Sadly, many SEOs will not volunteer the points contained in the above image, unless you ask specific questions. Even then, they may not know how to reply when asked. That could tell you something important, regarding their qualifications to perform your work.

You have to give Google and Bing what they want to rank you highly. At the very same time, you have to give your website visitors what they want, to earn their business. This can often be a VERY delicate balancing act.

2. Be realistic about the time it takes to rank highly. Rhome wasn't built in a day and neither are first page Google | Bing rankings for phrases with: (1) traffic and (2) commercial value. These are called "money phrases".

And if it were ultra-easy to get to the first page of Google or Bing:

  • then it would be just as easy to get knocked OFF page 1 in Google | Bing and replaced by another website.
  • and EVERYONE could be on page 1 in Google | Bing -- how would that work with only 10 positions?

You need to be prepared to hear real-world reality and maybe not exactly what you WANT to hear at the moment.

My clients want stability -- staying power and traffic, leading to long-term sales, sales leads and income. They realize this doesn't happen overnight. And that the cost involved is directly related to the work required AND to the market value of the service.

More about cost, under number 4 (and you may be pleasantly surprised).

3. While SEO takes some time, performed correctly you will start seeing beginning results quickly. But that doesn't mean you'll be on Page 1 in 3 weeks. Not for money phrases. And you won't be told that if you're working with an SEO professional who is direct and truthful about what you should expect.

4. Be realistic about the the work required -- and the cost -- to rank highly.

You will need links from other websites pointing at your website (including some from Authoritative and Trusted websites) to win the rankings game. Sites need many links to rank highly in Google and Bing.

The number of links required is directly influenced by the number of keyword search phrases you chose to optimize for.

Since performing SEO requires on-going professional training, skill, time and effort, be prepared to pay for the service. After all, if your income is going to increase by -- let's say $10,000 monthly, is it realistic to expect the cost to be only several hundred dollars?

Will outsourcing your SEO to the developing world really work??

But conversely, don't overpay. There are services I can show you that charge $125.00, $250.00 and $800.00 per link -- PER LINK -- that's for EACH link pointed from another website to your website. That would get overly expensive, very fast!

I consider such prices completely unjustified. My solo professional and small business owner clients couldn't afford them anyway.

My team works smarter, so you benefit by prices that are affordable for successful small business owners and solo professionals. My attitude is invest a little money in your SEO, see some beginning results. Invest some more, see even more results. It's like the instructions on the shampoo bottle: Later. Rinse. Repeat.

The work is performed over time. Pay it out over time, to work with your monthly budget.

What My Staff and I Do

Using sophisticated, proprietary techniques, my search engine optimization specialists and I can help your company's Web pages achieve top Google | Bing search results for your chosen keyword phrases.

We only use "white hat", ethical techniques, complying with the best practices of the major search engines, including Google and Bing.

One technique we use is to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Websites. By determining WHY competitors are ranking highly, we can use similar strategies and earn links from the exact same or very similar websites.

I first earned my SEO Certification in 2005 from Search Engine Workshops, so I've been at this quite a while. My typical workday SEO reading schedule is 60 to 90 minutes. SEO is a fast-paced, ever changing world. I'm always anticipating Google's next algorithm change, to stay ahead, so my clients' top rankings remain.

We use technology to lower cost, without outsourcing work to developing countries. ALL work is performed in the US and Canada.

If you decide to hire me as your SEO Consultant (and if I agree to take on your project), as the Founder of the company, I am your contact person.

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