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Doubling Sales and Income for Serious Medium & Small Businesses -- Using a Proven Internet Marketing Consultant

Here's how I can help your business:

  • Documentable 1st page Google results for tough industries | keywords. (The reason this is KEY -- 90% of clicks are from page 1 of the search engines result pages AND Google is about 80% of that market, SO if you aren't found on page 1 of Google for the right "transactional phrases", you won't get business from Internet search.)
  • Above, using both AdWords (Google paid search advertising) AND organic Google rankings (SEO, search engine optimization).
  • I help determine the right "transactional keyword search phrases" for your business to target.
  • Better use of Technology & Low Overhead -- Small business marketing | SEO plans that *really work* start at $675.00 monthly -- No Contract Required. The important part is the "really work" part. Overseas services that focus only on cost and utilize techniques that haven't worked in years isn't saved money. It's wasted money if the service doesn't help your business be found in Google.

    Cost-effective custom Internet Marketing | SEO solutions are also available for both medium and small businesses.

  • I offer Copywriting | Conversion Optimization (full service OR just editing), so the pages convert, leading to direct sales, sales lead forms, emails and phone calls. I am certified in Landing Page Optimization by industry leader Marketing Experiments. It's one thing to get the traffic ... but it only counts if it converts.

What you can do now --

Go to my Working with Paul page and learn about Cost, Client Case Studies | Testimonials and How to Contact Me.

Go to my SEO Page and learn more about what's required to Rank on Page One in Google and how I can help your rankings.

OR, continue scrolling down below to learn more about the variety of techniques I can use to increase traffic to your website, that can potentially double your sales and help you beat out your competitors.

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So, how do you develop a realistic plan to double your income from your website? Do exactly what my other Internet Marketing Consulting clients have done.

You need more traffic to your website -- more QUALIFIED traffic. That would be potential buyers of your products or services, either buying directly on their first visit OR becoming a sales lead to be nurtured and converted to a sale (becoming a buyer), over time.

Different types of businesses follow different strategies, (immediate sale on first visit or becoming a sales lead). And some use both strategies.

You can develop sales leads from potential buyers who aren't ready to buy on their first visit, by offering them a free opt-in email newsletter with valuable content or by allowing them to access the same valuable content by subscribing to a RSS feed you can offer. (RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication.)You can learn more about Internet Marketing on Wikipedia.

How Do I Receive this New Website Traffic?

Using a proven Internet Marketing Consultant like me = High Google | Bing Rankings for you and more traffic to your website or blog.

Before we talk about how we can work together to potentially double your sales, let's consider more about where this new traffic will come from. There are 3 primary sources and a possible 4th (depending on your business):

  • Google | Bing Organic Search Results (SEO or Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google AdWords Pay-per-Click Advertising (and possibly Microsoft adCenter)
  • Blog Traffic from blogs posts and articles on other blogs and websites, related to your products or services (and linked back to your website or blog).
  • Online Press Releases, linked back to your website or blog.

When potential buyers type keyword phrases into Google or Bing related to your products and services, we want an appropriate website page to appear in the 1st. or 2nd. page of search results (preferably the 1st. page).

One option is SEO, mentioned above and described in more detail on my SEO page (the link is below). The other option is Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, also mentioned above.

Why just Google and Bing and not Yahoo, AOL, Ask or other search engines?

AOL is powered by Google search results. Yahoo is now powered by Bing search results. And as of this writing, Ask is slightly less than 4% of all searches performed. ALL other search engines combined make up only about 1% of searches performed.

And with Google's market share of about 80% of U.S. search engine users, that's where you need to focus to reach the largest audience at the least cost.

What Types of Businesses Do These Online Marketing Consultant Techniques Work For?

My Web marketing solutions work for:
  • Local "brick and mortar" locations wishing to acquire new retail or wholesale customers, either locally into their place of business OR by making online direct sales;
  • Internet-based businesses wanting to generate direct sales and sales leads via Search Engine Marketing through the Internet.

How Do I Know For Sure that I Can Potentially Double My Sales?

There are 2 parts to this answer:

1. One part deals with my team's skills, competency and past proven results. For that answer, see more below about Case Studies, under What You Can Do Now:

2. The other part deals with numbers (estimates) from independent, reputable sources I can show you, then using simple grade school math calculations.

This 2nd. point is much easier to explain using numbers related to your own website and business. And to "show and tell" using my GoToMeeting® subscription. (You've seen GoToMeeting advertised on TV.)

Here is a basic overview of the steps my team and I perform and variables we use to mathematically determine your likely sales from our services:

  • Research Monthly Keyword Searches in Google (again, I say Google, since they have the most traffic, but traffic will come from other search engines, too). These are phrases that potential buyers of your products or services are already searching for in Google (so, there is already demand). They either are likely to convert to a sale OR have already proven to convert for your business (if you have website analytics software already installed). Careful research is involved. Potential traffic is analyzed (as is competition level, since that affects cost).

    independent, reputable sources of data: Google Keyword Search Tool, Google Webmaster Tools and your own website analytics software.
  • Calculate a realistic Click-Through Rate. A click-through is someone who sees your organic (SEO) listing OR your paid search listing and clicks on it, arriving on your website. The click-through rate numbers are different for searchers clicking on SEO results and those clicking on paid search results (Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter).

    independent, reputable sources of data: Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, AOL Leaked Search data, and Chitika, Inc.
  • Calculate a realistic Conversion Rate for your website's goal. A conversion is whatever the goal is for the page. It could be a direct online sale, generating a sales lead by someone completing a lead form OR calling you or by generating an opt-in subscriber to your email newsletter or to a RSS feed. There are known average conversion numbers, by industry.

    independent, reputable sources of data:,,,, and

Using the above numbers and traffic funneling process, we combine with numbers you provide me, such as your average income per sale. Putting all the numbers together, we can estimate a ROI (return on investment) that is a solid number. You will have an estimate that if you invest "X" dollars, you're likely to get a return of "Y".

Remember ALL these numbers come from reputable, independent sources OR they come from you. All you and I do is run the calculator!

This is a Rational Approach to Investing in Internet Marketing Consulting that Minimizes Your Risk.

The key is to use REAL numbers.

I don't offer "pie in the sky" claims or magical software to help you make millions online, overnight.

My clients are professionals who expect real results and this is the exact process that I've used to help other business owners dramatically expand their businesses, whether online or "brick and mortar" businesses.

When you make your online marketing decisions using an Internet Marketing Consultant and using real numbers in this manner, your success is MUCH more likely! All we're talking about is research, using estimates from dependable, independent sources and simple grade school math (even using a calculator, at that!).

Disclaimer -- Obviously, no one can guarantee you will double your sales. There are MANY factors, many variables involved, including the marketing budget you have available and the price and quality of your product or service. Competition level is also a factor.

My job is to provide you the facts, the best information I can. Once you have that critical info, your job is to make the decision of how to invest your online marketing dollars, to grow your business.

And I'm glad to show you how I've been able to help other business owners increase their sales.

What You Can Do Now: If you're ready to talk with me, learn about other companies' success using my services (actual Case Studies) and get a free quote, simply go to my Working with Paul page and learn about working with me. This page will answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

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